Gram Games | Six!, 1010! and other Games

Creating an incredible and fun works turning into a top-notch game is their goal. Making people happy with the games they created is their passion. The management of Gram Games believes that having a great working environment and talented developers make a great team. With these 2 elements, the team has created many well-known games in the industry. The success did not come easily as they have been through a slump before.

Gram Games and its History 

Gram Games is a game creation company that founded in 2012. The headquarters is located in London, UK and an additional in Istanbul, Turkey. Between 2012 and 2014, the developers based in Turkey faced their dark times but they managed to develop 3 games that were released within 2 years. However, all of the games had failed to find an audience. The response of the public was not positive.

The company decided to put their remaining $15,000 dollars into a 1 more game. It was a bigshot when 1010! game has gained their initial success, with 40 million installs and 3.5 million daily active users who play the game for an average of 30 minutes a day. Through 1010!, the company manage to generate thousands of dollars a day entirely through display ads. The game 1010! was so successful that it was featured by Google as a game with Top Installs in the global charts.

Gram moves to a larger office on the water, encouraging further creativity and became the first ever Turkish company to be introduced by Google in May 2015. In the first month of 2016, Gram launches the game Merged!. The game also emerged top in the charts of major app stores and attained over one million downloads in a week.

Gram Games: Six!

Riding on the wave, in the same year, Gram Games launched another puzzle game, Six!, which also reached the number 1 spot in App Store. It even outperformed Merged!, earning over 2 million installs within a week.

Six! game is a puzzle game that is entirely different from Gram’s past games. Having to balance a shape in a tower and avoiding it to fall in both sides is more challenging than the other puzzle games. The gameplay of Six! is simple and easy to pick up. Simply move the hexagon down to your screen by clicking the blocks on the tower below the hexagon to remove them. However, the challenging part is keeping the hexagon balanced on the wobbly tower. Players will need to strategize and choose the right blocks to eliminate first without affecting the balance of the hexagon. Collect stars as the hexagon descend. Use the collected stars to unlock new skins for your hexagon. Join daily challenges and challenge yourself to different missions! There’s so much to do in Six! No wonder the Six! has garnered so many fans worldwide. 😉

Six! is an amazing time killer game. Play Six! in between your study breaks. It is a great game for both you and your kids. It is a game that will test your mind and it that will challenge your balancing skills. Download Six! on your PC/ Mac today!

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