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We know that it is hard when every part of you wants to just tap the blocks and get some high scores to share it with your friends. But it turns out that it’s easier said than done. But hey! Don’t panic as in this Tips and Tricks section, we will help you to get a high score and obtain more stars to unlock the hexagon skins. So, read more and make sure to take down notes because this will help you a lot. Download and play Six! now!

Basic information of Six! Game

The Six! game is an interactive puzzle game consisting of various building blocks that form a tall tower. You only have one goal in here. You just need to balance and move the hexagonal shape down to the bottom of your screen. This is done by removing the blocks from the tower. Every piece of the blocks that you removed is equivalent of five points. Although removing the correct piece of the blocks will allow the hexagonal shape to move further down, one wrong tap of that will cause the hexagon to roll around. In addition, there will times that you may have to pick up the pace and drop the pieces quickly so the ones on top don’t topple over.

Tips and Tricks

A piece that will affect your tower

In most cases of the game, you do not need to remove the blocks located below the hexagon immediately. Since you can tap any piece you want, it is important to plan and decide which block to remove first before taking action. Consider your options beforehand to make sure that the piece that will be removed does not have a big impact on the hexagon piece. All in all, it is still a matter of practice. Keep trying and breaking your own high score!

How to get more stars in the game?

Getting a star in this game is so much easier than you imagine. There are two ways to earn stars in Six! game. The most immediate method is definitely by playing the game. Alternatively, you can watch the in-game ads to collect more stars. You can find the video on the Options menu. Once you are done watching, you will get some stars as a reward. Although the reward for watching ads is not significant, you will surely be able to obtain a lot of stars collectively.

Stars for your Hexagon Skin

Now you know how to get some stars, you can now buy some skin for your hexagon.

Some of them are expensive and the others are not. It is all about customization. Ultimately, these skins do not affect the performance of your game. But having a nice looking skin can definitely make your day. Skins that have complicated designs will be more expensive than the one with a solid color and a solid colored border. Although they don’t have any build in power-ups, nor a capability to change the gameplay, you can feel free to change the skin whenever you want. Hence, when you feel bored with the design of the hexagon you currently using, you can easily change the skin. By doing that, you will keep yourself motivated when playing the game. Try unlocking all the skins available in Six!

Completing the Daily Challenges

Six! game is a basic game that has a few modes to discuss. But it does come with a series of daily challenges that will expire in 24 hours after being launched. There are 3 stages in daily challenge and you can play this by hitting the challenge button on the Main Menu. However, you can only play Stage Two after completing Stage one with 3 stars. And the same goes for playing Stage Three.

The Daily Challenges are often more challenging than the main game as there is a goal in mind for these challenges. One of the daily challenges includes dropping the hexagon by a specific distance, with the block sizes and locations all being static. There is always something to look forward to in the Daily Challenges.

Button Smashing for a quick drop down

In this tip, you need to be more careful in choosing a block that you will destroy. It is effective when your hexagon is on the top of the shape that is out of balance and you quickly eliminate that shape to make your hexagon stays in the tower. But, if you quickly tap a random shape without thinking what will the effect of it, the chances are you’ll be able to make it down quite a bit before your run is over.

Game developer Easter eggs

Gram Games is so generous that they have Easter eggs for their players, that is essentially serve as a cheat. It is so simple, just tap the small square on the right side of the stack to launch the ad video. Wait until the video is done playing then after that you’ll be able to destroy a block on one row after another as it earns five points per block, just like in a normal game.

However, you can only use this cheat at the start of your level. You cannot use this when you are stuck on a level that you can’t seem to complete. In addition, you won’t be getting any stars for that level if you were to use the cheat. This cheat is designed to help you double down your points, so take advantages in this tip if you are chasing a high score.

Get more tips and tricks on playing Six! game here! Check out our game features page and find out more about the game! Download and play it now on your PC/Mac!

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