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Enough with the boring games? You just want to play a game that is fun and easy to control? A game that you don’t need to rank up or fight into a battle to earn stars?  Here in Six!, you can earn points by just clicking the shapes you want to eliminate. No more hassles, no more chest to wait or heroes to upgrade. It is easy and simple. Read more for the game features of this hot puzzle game!

Six! Game Features

Compete with Friends

Showing off to your friends is like having some competition to your game. Here in Six! game, you can now share your high score in social media and to your friends. Encourage them to join the game and have a little competition to motivate yourself to try even harder. Simply click on the Share button after you have completed each game and send your friends a challenge! Invite them to play the Six! game.

Simple but Engaging Graphics

Simple is not always bad. This game is colorful and good for all ages. Balancing the hexagon shape on the tower is the only goal of the game. But there is a twist. The tower is made out of shapes that will be eliminated once you click on them. There are different kinds of skins you can choose for your hexagonal shape. You can buy them in the shop using the in-game coins you have collected from playing the game. The more complicated the design is, the more expensive they are. Usually the cheaper gets the solid colors with another solid color border.  Also, the stars are surprisingly easy to earn, by naturally playing it or watching some in-game ads.

Challenge Yourself

There are more interesting things you should know in this game. The daily challenges in Six! offers a new experience for its players. There are 3 stages that you can access by hitting the “Challenge” button on the main menu. With each stage having a different mission to complete, you can look forward to new obstacles when you log in every day. However, do note that you can only enter Stage 2 if you complete the first stage with 3 stars and same with the 3rd stage. Challenge yourself in daily challenges and earn stars that will be added as a bonus to your Main Game star count.

Great Time Killer

Are you tired of waiting for someone to come online and you don’t know what to do to kill your time? Or you want to exercise your mind and clear your brain from stress?  Well, Six! game is perfect for you! Six! is a puzzle game that is easy to control and very addictive. This game is free and suitable for players of all ages. It is good for children because of the simple shapes and colors. As for the adults, Six! is a great game to practice their tactical thinking. You cannot be helped but be hooked to the game! The gameplay sounds easy, but when the tower starts to tilt or the hexagon begins to roll, you will find that it is not as easy as what you originally thought. Just don’t let the hexagon fall from the side or the game will be over. But don’t worry as you will improve as you progress in the game. Have fun playing it and challenge your friends to join the Six! game!

With all these awesome game features, how can you not download the game? Challenge yourself and practice your strategic mind by downloading Six! Now available on both PC and Mac.

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