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Find out answers to the frequently asked questions from the community. Learn about the unique game features to this game. Get exclusive game tips and cheats. Understand how you can break your high score and share your achievements with your friends! Moreover, if you got bored with the current skin of your hexagon, take a look at all the stunning hexagon skins we have unlocked! Collect ’em all!


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What other games are there by Gram Games besides Six!

Gram Games has six other games in the Google Play Store besides Six! Most of the games have a similar concept of merging items to create larger items of the…

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What is the high score record for Six! Game?

In Six!, the hexagon in the center of the screen needs to be kept in place and balanced as much as possible. Hence, you have to pay attention to the…

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What are the games similar to Six! Game?

There are tons of games like this one that requires you to stack/unstack towers pieces to either raise the tower higher or lower it/another object to the bottom. The tower-aspect…

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How to get new Skins in the Six! Game?

The way to unlock new skins in the SIX! game is relatively easy. In all playing modes, you will collect stars. The way to collect stars in the game is…

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What are some of the tips and tricks when playing Six! Game?

Six! is a puzzle game that is easy to learn but hard to score. What you need is a little help to break that high score. Learn about the tips…

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