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How to get new Skins in the Six! Game?

The way to unlock new skins in the SIX! game is relatively easy. In all playing modes, you will collect stars. The way to collect stars in the game is relatively simple. The lower you can get down in the game by destroying blocks without falling off the tower, you will get more stars. It’s as simple as that! Once you have started to bank your stars, you can then go to the shopping cart and get some new skins! ūüôā In the shop, you can purchase skins using at least 30 stars.


Types of Skins

In the shopping cart, there are a number of skins. The cheapest ones cost 30 stars each while the most expensive skins coming in at 180 stars to purchase. However, the skins can be random, which is not a great feature as you ideally would like to know what you are buying. Hence, when you purchase the skin, you cannot control which one you get, you pay the cost and get a relative skin for that costing. This could be either just a solid color block or something more adventurous like a leaf pattern. But do not worry as we have unlocked most of the skins in the game! Check them out here!


Using Real-World Money

If you would like more skins without grinding the game, you can purchase more stars using the real-world money. Purchase stars to unlock more new skins in the shopping cart. The only negative to doing this is that as this is a free to play App, things can start to get expensive if you start to spend real-world money on it for something that you can actually earn in the game for free if you put a little more effort into it.


Play now! Download Six! game on your PC/Mac and unlock all the available skins! Let us know which one is your favorite!