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What are some of the tips and tricks when playing Six! Game?

Six! is a puzzle game that is easy to learn but hard to score. What you need is a little help to break that high score. Learn about the tips and tricks to the game here!


Six! Game Tips and Tricks

Players are awarded additional points for each piece removed, while at the same time moving the hexagon further downward. Removing incorrect pieces will move the hexagon further from the goal. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind how removing a particular piece will affect the overall tower. And while coins are awarded for gameplay, watching ads can award additional coins. Ads can be refreshed by entering the store and backing out without buying anything. This allows players to earn as many coins as they want, depending on how high their tolerance for ads is. These coins can be used to purchase different colored hexagons. Although this does not affect gameplay, it changes the look of the game which is a plus point for players who like customizations.


Daily Challenges

Daily challenges can add some fun as they can mix-up the standard gameplay. These are only available for one day and have three levels to them. It is only possible to access the second level once the first level has been completed with three or more stars. Getting all 3 stages completed is a great way to increase your overall star count since the challenges repeat daily. Players can earn new stars every day if they wish.


You can quickly click on the blocks to rapidly move the hexagon, but this strategy may earn less points. Players need to be aware that they will occasionally have to destroy blocks off to the side every now and then since these blocks will hold up the hexagon and keep it from dropping. And as an additional feature, watching the ad by clicking on the square to the right will allow players to earn more points than normal. However, to use this last trick, the player has to be at the beginning of the level, and will not earn any stars. So while players won’t earn stars, the increased number of points can let players earn a much higher score than normal.


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