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What are the games similar to Six! Game?

There are tons of games like this one that requires you to stack/unstack towers pieces to either raise the tower higher or lower it/another object to the bottom. The tower-aspect of this game is absolutely not unique. Let us take a look at the other games similar to Six! that uses this tower-aspect.


Games Similar to Six!

Six! game is often called the reverse Tetris. In Tetris, players are required to form rows using the blocks given. They also need to prevent the blocks from filling up to the top of the game board or it will be game over. On the other hand, in Six!, players have to click on the blocks to remove them from the tower and bring the object (hexagon) down the tower.


Another game that is similar to Six! is Helix Jump as you’re also trying to get your item (a ball) to the bottom of the tower as quickly as possible. The difference between the towers in Six! and Helix Jump is that the tower in Six! looks like a Tetris tower while the one in Helix Jump is cylinder shaped. As the ball in Helix Jump goes round and round, players have to concentrate and make it drop to the next level at the gap of the platform.


Of course, there are many other games involving blocks of towers. However, Six! is definitely one unique game using the application of a reverse Tetris gameplay. Try out Six! today! Download Six! on your PC/Mac and read more about their game features here!