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What is the high score record for Six! Game?

In Six!, the hexagon in the center of the screen needs to be kept in place and balanced as much as possible. Hence, you have to pay attention to the orientation of the hexagon and the block pieces. Click on the bricks under the hexagon to make them disappear. Your aim is to bring the hexagon down to the platform. There is currently no official high score reported by Gram Games for the Six! game. However, many players are eager to share their high scores with the community. The highest score we see is 5580. Can you beat this high score?


How to get a High Score in Six!

Strategize and slowly remove the figures. Be careful not to make the hexagon unbalanced else it will topple over. If two blocks are holding the ball in place, you will need to pop them quickly one after the other to avoid the ball dropping off from lack of balance. You can also remove blocks underneath the ones directly touching the ball if it keeps the balance more intact. For example, if the block is wedged in the middle and won’t really affect the shape.


If the ball is leaning too much to one side and most of the blocks on the other side are thicker underneath, you can shift the balance by removing blocks from the side it is leaning away from. Overall, if you can keep the ball centralized throughout the game, you will move much more swiftly and end up with a higher score. When the ball is at rest with walls of blocks around it, you can move through these blocks quickly to achieve new levels faster. You want to keep in mind how the pieces are situated to make sure you don’t have any balance issues when removing them. Unlike Tetris where the pieces don’t have to fit together, you just have to be conscious of what is underneath you and what is to the left and right of you.


Try out Six! game today! Now available for download on PC/Mac. Check out more game tips and tricks from us too!