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What other games are there by Gram Games besides Six!

Gram Games has six other games in the Google Play Store besides Six! Most of the games have a similar concept of merging items to create larger items of the same type to earn points or money. For example, Merge Town! requires players to create a town by merging houses together to make larger houses. Merge Gems! requires players to merge gems to make larger, more splendid gems. A couple of the games are different, with one being a puzzle game, Paint Tower, and another being a strategy game, Bounzy! All of Gram Games are rated 4 or more stars in the Google Play store. The merging games seem like they would be the easiest to understand and be able to play quickly. They have several favorable reviews from users who say they have ended up playing constantly and enjoy these games.


Gram Games: 1010!

The most popular game released by Gram Games has got to be 1010! This simple puzzle game has taken the world by storm! Using the given puzzle blocks, players need to fit them into the 10-by-10 square game board. Whenever a line of 10 consecutive squares is filled, the blocks get removed. For every puzzle block placed on the game board, players score points. The game ends when players cannot put any more of the given puzzle blocks onto the game board. It’s simple gameplay and attractive graphics have led to the success of this game. Download and play it for yourself!


All in all, the games by Gram Games are engaging as well as relaxing. Many players said that they like to play these games to unwind and for relaxation. The puzzle games were reviewed as challenging and were used by players to challenge their minds. Try them out! Download Six! game on your PC/Mac and put on your thinking caps! Read more about the game features of Six! here.