About Six! Game | Download on PC/Mac, Gram Games, Skins

Tired of playing at your small screen?  Behold as our team offers you the downloadable PC/Mac version of your favorite Six! Game. We have also prepared other information that can help you win this game. Read on to find out more!

About Six! Game

Six! Game is created by Gram games who also made 1010!, Merge Gems! and Bounzy! They released this puzzle game last summer 2016. As of now, Six! Game has 1 million downloads in the Play Store. People enjoy the game because it is unique, challenging, and exciting. It is also a great time killer game.

Another fun fact is, the game is so simple, you don’t need to look at the other puzzle games out there! All you need to do is to balance and move down the hexagon to your screen for you to earn points. Tap the different blocks which will make them disappear and win the game. Avoid the hexagon from falling in both sides especially when your shape is on wobbles to far right or left.

Want some extra information about the Game Developer and the Six! game? click our Gram Games page for more!

Six! Tips and tricks

We know it is hard to play a newly downloaded game if you don’t have any background information about it. Sometimes we skip the tutorial mode because we are too excited to play the game we downloaded. Well, worry not as you can simply refer to our game features page as we explain how the game works in detail. In addition, we also offer you some tips and tricks for your downloaded Six! game.

  1. Basic information of the game
  2. A piece that will affect your tower
  3. How to get more stars on the game?
  4. Stars for your Hexagon skin
  5. Completing the daily challenges
  6. Button Smashing for a quick drop down
  7. Game developer Easter eggs.

Our fansite wouldn’t be complete if we do not offer any hexagon skins for you! We understand how it feels when your shape is in a solid color and you really want to change it. It can look slightly plain and boring, right? Check out the skins page to see the gorgeous skins that you can unlock in your Six! game! There are so many different designs to choose from that you are spoilt for choice! As we have unlocked all the expensive skins, you can now directly unlock the ones that you like! This way, you will not waste your in-game coins! 🙂

Now you have an idea of this game, why not try it on your own and have fun on playing this in your computer screen? Download Six! game for free on your PC/Mac today! And don’t forget to bookmark this site so that you can check back often for the latest updates of the game!

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