Six! Game Skins | Tips and Tricks, Download on PC/Mac

Here in Six! game, using Stars is the only way to buy new skins for your hexagon. You can obtain Stars by reaching checkpoints in any game mode. Another way of obtaining Stars is by watching the in-game ads. There are tons of beautiful skins to unlock! So start saving those stars and unlock all the skins in the in-game shop now!

When you first started playing the game, the default skin design is solid light blue in color with a solid blue border. It’s a simple design but you will soon be able to unlock more. As you continue the game, you will earn stars when you clear certain levels of blocks. The cheapest skin to unlock costs 30 stars while the most expensive one costs 180 stars. Hence you can buy the different types of skins after you have saved up for it.

However, the frustrating part in buying a skin is you cannot see the designs until you unlocked it using your stars. Hence it’s kind of totally random. You will need a tiny bit of luck to get the skin that you like. But don’t worry, read more as we have unlocked all the designs from the ones which cost 45 stars down to ones which cost 180 stars. We are sure that you will find a design you like and can unlock the exact spot.

Six Game Skin Designs

Here are the designs which cost 45 stars.

As you can see, the designs have 2 solid colors and looks like a snowflakes pattern. Most of them are monochromatic and the others are paired with warm colors. You can buy that if you are just a beginner and if that solid color with border is too boring for you.

Second designs are the ones that will cost 60 stars. In the first 3 designs, it is like a geometrical figure that was colored in a monochromatic gradient. Below that, the 3 designs are like geometrical stars that have a cube in the center.  So, what do you think of these designs? Would you buy it for 60 stars?

The third set of designs are the ones that cost 75 stars. Some of them have a snowflakes pattern and some have 2 monochromatic colors. The others have a geometrical pattern with a gradient color on it while some of them resemble the classic disco dance floor.

The skins in the above set cost 90 stars each. These are more different than the past designs. It is more complicated and unique. There are two designs that are for sports person. Well if you are one of them you can buy these basketball and soccer ball designs. Buy these designs now so that you can also feel the spirit of soccer and basketball to you.

Stones, water, rocks, and leaves are the designs in 6 set. It is nice to have these kinds of designs. It is very refreshing in our eyes unlike in the past design. We can feel the nature while playing it. These skins cost 105 stars each. It is not too much if you are a nature lover, right?This set of designs costs 120 stars.

These earthly designs will only cost 135 stars.

And these two monochromatic patterns cost 150 stars each.

Finally, it is the expensive ones! As discussed earlier, the pricey skins are more gorgeous than the other designs. They may cost 165 stars each and above but isn’t it great to have a skin like that?

Did you get excited on the last set we showed? Well in this set of the designs, we offer you the ones that are so much cuter than the last. It has a different face of the animals. There will certainly be a design that you like. In this set, we have the pig head, fish, cat head, a penguin, black cat’s head, a coin, bear’s head, unicorn, bull’s head, bone, and a cute mouse head. So, play now and save some stars for these designs!

Download and play Six! Game today! Now available on PC/Mac. Get more game tips and tricks here at our Cheats page and find out what other game features are there in Six! Game.

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